Kristo, a teenage boy lives with his grandparents at the edge of the Prespa lake. Their humble life depends on the sustenance sent from his emigrant parents. Prespa lake is located at the border of Albania, Greece and Macedonia making it ideal for drug smuggling. And Kristo is a perfect smuggler, an innocent boy with a great knowledge of the lake, with no parents to check on him, stuck in a poor environment.

During the night fishing, Kristo smuggles drug for Ismail, a cunning newcomer, but what he is really vying for is sympathy of Pasko, a local drug dealer on the run. Kristo becomes his eyes and ears. After Pasko’s murder, Ismail takes over the business and starts smuggling cocaine. Kristo is certain that Ismail arranged Pasko’s murder and plans a revenge.

In a tense ending, a cabin that sheltered drugs burns, prompting Ismail’s death, while Kristo emerges as a masterming pulling string more like a grown man, rather than a teenage boy.


Feature film completed
Director Gjergj Xhuvani
Screenplay Gjergj Xhuvani
Cinematography by Dimo Popov
Edited by Juan Gambino
Music composed by Rosario Di Bella
Costume design by Stela Laknori
Set design by LuanShkodra
Make up by Tatjana Tomšić
Uloge Ariton Pollozhani, Tristan Halilaj, Vedran Živolić, Elia Zaharia, Birce Hasko, Juli Emiri
Duration 100'